THE Big Picture recruitment tours


An exclusive student recruitment media program leveraging travel, video production, marketing, and advising.


Key Highlights : 


  • Highly focused 10-15 day international student recruitment tour.
  • Deep Dive Advising Program with high-quality leads.
  • Three videos (2 marketing + 1 educational documentary) showcasing the tour + campus + stakeholders.




The big picture recruitment tours covers an international student recruitment tour providing school
visits, receptions, and counselor meetings. As you interact with stakeholders across
cities, the project films the critical moments including your and your audience’s
interviews. In addition to the tour, the project visits your campus to film the infrastructure,
and to record faculty interviews and current student/alumni testimonials. The
project concludes with two short institutional videos and one documentary. All
videos are marketed across regions to build an institutional brand, create awareness,
and continue lead-generation through the Deep Dive Advising Program.

THE Big Picture Recruitment Tours OFFERS:

  • 10-15 day, 4/6 city international tour 
  • 1-day on-campus filming.
  • 6-month Deep Dive Advising Program.


Feb, March, April 2020

Deep Dive Advising from February to July 2020 .

Spring Tours Feb, March, April 2020

February 2 – February 14, 5 Cities, 12 Nights: Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad
February 15 – February 25, 5 Cities, 10 Nights: Middle East Asia

March 15 – March 21, 6 Cities, 6 Nights: North India

March 29 – April 8: 7 Cities, 10 Nights: South India

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Look out for the schedule for Fall 2020.

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