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For Counselors

The Global Educator Program (TGEP) for high school and independent counselors offers global learning and professional development opportunities to empower the student counseling profession. With generous full and partial funding, the program travels internationally to a variety of higher education institutions for an immersive learning experience. Some of the core elements of the program are interactive sessions, networking, campus visits, and participation in the International Education Conclaves as panelists and moderators. The entire program is also designed to provide a deep-dive cultural experience to counselors. The 2021 applications are now open and you are welcome to apply here:

For Institutions

The Global Educator Program allows you to weave your unique institutional story through a customized strategy tailored to your campus experience and student success.

It allows you to host a highly curated group of qualified international high school counselors to experience your campus and interact with faculty and students. An in-person brand experience to these key influencers (high school counselors) who come from high-priority regions with  right kind of student demographics, helps you build long-term, meaningful, and deeper relationships to leverage your international recruitment outreach.

With TGEP, you receive our team’s valuable input and follow-up, which are at the foundation of any international endeavor.

This program leverages face-to-face conversations and experiential engagements by providing a deep-dive professional-development opportunity to your key stakeholders. It’s fun and your institution receives high-quality leads and connections.

You will find this service effective in impacting your overall student outreach as well as the return on your recruitment budget dollars.

The 2020 TGEP cohort applications are now open. Please express your interest in hosting the cohort

For School Leaders

The Global Educator Program (TGEP) for school leaders offers curated international experience, critical networks, and school designs to create the next level of high schools. The program introduces its audience to some of the world’s best practices that drive innovation and impact for meaningful learning outcomes. The program also provides excellent hospitality with high-level networking opportunities and international community engagement with a deeply immersive cultural experience. This program is truly transformative for school leaders who wish to lead with boldness and collaboration. The 2021 applications are now open and you are welcome to apply here:

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