Hosting TGEP 2019 on our campus was one of the most beneficial
international recruitment activities that we have engaged in all year. It was
a direct connection to counselors seeking opportunities for their students to
study in the U.S. It also facilitated the development of new friendships,
meaningful relationships and fruitful partnerships.

We found our group of counselors to be engaging, active learners who truly
wanted to get to know beyond the surface.  They were clearly a student
focused group of educators, interested in finding the best fit colleges/universities for their students.  The curiosity, energy, wisdom and  charisma that the counselors brought was infectious.  Our students, faculty and staff who met with the visiting counselors were all impressed with their interactions, from questions to suggestions.  We now have 15 advocates that we can reach out to, who have all seen our campus and know our students!
What an invaluable resource!

Adelphi University was thrilled to be a part of TGEP 2019. From the streamlined communications and planning process to the wonderfully engaged school representatives brought to campus, the event provided a great opportunity to network and identify strong educational opportunities to foster student success.



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