About College and Beyond

Backed by eminent professionals, College & Beyond offers a platform for Universities & university-bound students to interact not only with each other, but with the wider world that they can imagine, change and realise. With Action.

Students are encouraged to make informed choices, keeping in mind their passion and talent. We aim to help them reach out beyond their immediate surroundings, and learn from the multitude of experiences the world has to offer, in-country and abroad. While great emphasis is placed on the importance of reaching out to local communities as a means of learning & giving back, we also encourage and offer student recruitment and institutional partnerships with global HEIs so that our students can access knowledge that isn’t limited by their traditional perspective.To this end, they are counselled and offered options for the opportunity to learn from the wealth of knowledge that global institutions have to offer, in the form of in-country workshops, and study abroad for summer courses, undergraduate, post-graduate and research programs.




Meaningful engagements for educators and life-changing extra-curricular projects for students across themes


High School Tours

An exclusive student recruitment media program leveragingtravel, video production, marketing, and advising.

#Intled Project base

This offers a local presence to universities seeking to engage with their Indian counterparts as well as high schools for international student recruitment outreach.

Global Internship Program

Internship 0pportunities abroad that enable Indian students to experience a global work environment. 

Global Teaching Career

Gain a global perspective of classrooms