IntlEd Base

#Intled base:


The IntlEd Base offers a solid base in the form of on-the-ground team, a strong financial and infrastructural support in the Delhi NCR region to:

  • Create your regional institutional presence
  • Offer fully-equipped office space with AV, printing, and design services   
  • Offer administrative services for business operations
  • Offer employment, payroll and tax management services
  • Offer media and marketing services including PR and audio-visual production
  • Strengthen your communication with your agents and service providers        

The IntlEd Base is ideal for institutions who are interested in recruiting and building professional outreach or study abroad programs in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Students and educators are encouraged to engage in international collaborations and exchanges. Several programs aimed towards enhancing these exchanges are organised. These include hosting Indian school principals and counselors abroad, helping foreign colleges and universities to engage with their Indian counterparts as well as high schools for international student recruitment outreach.