Founder and CEO

Suchita Ohri 

Suchita spearheads our programs and brings all stakeholders together. As an avid traveler, she leads with experience and prioritizes people-first approach. With over 15 years of experience spanning areas such as business development, education management, and program development, Suchita is an activator who energizes the firm’s key networks. She enjoys working with educators and students to help them navigate social change and professional development to make a positive and meaningful impact.

Suchita holds a master’s degree in English Literature from Delhi University. Before diving into entrepreneurship, she worked as Country Advisor for Trinity College Dublin to establish Trinity’s long-term goals in the Indian sub-continent. From student recruitment to building key partnerships with high schools and colleges, Suchita also initiated, managed and facilitated important conversations and institutional engagements with alumni networks, corporate groups, and Global Relation Offices across the South Asia region.

As an entrepreneur, Suchita now spends most of her time on building roadmaps for international education. She works with educators in India, the United States, and Europe. She seamlessly navigates her role as advisor, mentor, and travel partner. In her day to day role, she meets with potential partners, oversees budgets, and moderates team discussions to ensure organizational outcomes.

Suchita loves traveling and reading. She is passionate about cross-cultural programs that bring social harmony. You can find her on LinkedIn or email her at



Founder and CEO

Syed K. Jamal

Syed leads the firm’s focus on innovation, partnerships, and client impact. His professional experience includes work in the diverse areas of media, academia, and international education. He first came to the US as an International Ford Foundation Fellow, so he brings his own experience as an international student into his vision for Branta.  His interest in cross-cultural collaborations and global citizenry continue to shape his professional pursuits.

In 2010, Syed took a communications position at India’s Fulbright Commission for the U.S. Department of State’s public diplomacy program, EducationUSA. In his role as Communications Manager, Syed spearheaded EducationUSA’s digital outreach and partnerships. He led several recruitment programs, public diplomacy outreach with US Foreign Service Officers, and many workshops.

After EducationUSA, Syed began consulting for a variety of youth and higher education organizations both in India and in the US. In 2015, he moved to the US and founded Branta, which works with universities, colleges, and recruitment organizations in the US and Canada, as well as youth-focused organizations in India.

Syed interests include international educational technology, youth development, entrepreneurship, and social media. He tweets here. As a trained filmmaker, he serves on the Board of Advisors of The Way Home: Journey of Family and Faith, a documentary film about three generations of Tibetan women in exile fighting to save their cultural heritage. He also serves on the Board of Directors of World Affairs Council in Tacoma.

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