facilitates group conversations on our EdTrek bus which hosts programs combining education and entertainment.


EdTrek is a series of conversations and sessions on a moving bus featuring your institution’s branding and messaging.


The participants are either high school students or college students. They engage in sessions led by carefully selected resource persons to discuss topics such as exploring college options, problem-solving, reading habits, pursuing global citizenry and the like.


EdTrek is a model for youth empowerment and development offering robust marketing outreach for colleges like yours. The bus routes and stops are predetermined typically in and around campuses and youth recreation spaces to maximize outdoor visibility. EdTrek also provides brand traction through social media, press, audio-visual content and live streaming technology.



EdTrek is a collaborative engagement of high schools, colleges and organizations focused on youth development and education.

This results in high brand exposure for your institution, which will benefit not only from EdTrek’s campaign but also from partner organization marketing and word of mouth. EdTrek’s customized programming can provide you an opportunity to build bonds between your existing community (alumni and admissions team) and your future community (potential students and admitted students) to achieve your institutional goals including enrollment.

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