What is the Big Picture Project?

We are an international community of changemakers. Together we create, promote and participate in opportunities that change lives of our students.

We celebrate diversity, global citizenry & social change.

What is the Impact?

Help students grow by engaging them in challenging projects, conversations and educational projects. The impact is two-fold:

*Maximize self-exploration and showcase their impact stories.

*Develop skills like story-telling, people- interactions, budgeting and analysis, and marketing.

*Develop a sense of ownership for their projects in a healthy, yet competitive, environment.

*Provides extracurricular inputs and soft skills development of the students beyond the classroom.

• Help build a career-focus and holistic growth of a student.

• Inculcate social giving skills, and an opportunity to pursue their passion projects.

How are we doing this?

Bring engagement into the students’ initiatives by curating a microsite to host all their crowdfunding campaigns.

Each school will have their own
customsied microsite which will
have all their students’ campaigns
listed on it.

Crowdfunding platform facilitates
the building of a robust and
community driven campaign
by taking the initiatives beyond
the campaigner’s first degree

The Scope for Students

Students can create campaigns across three major categories to build a 360-degree impact.


Students are often inspired to
make a difference in the lives
of others – be it supporting an
animal shelter, old age home or planting trees.

Fundraising for a social cause
will help students increase their
social impact and build on their social skills.


Students can also fundraise
for creative projects – creating
films & documentaries or
creating street art and murals.

Fundraising for these
projects give the students an
opportunity to showcase their
work to a wider audience and
garner support for it.


Students can also be budding
entrepreneurs – creating apps,
robot models, or setting up their own enterprises.

Fundraising for entrepreneurial
projects will help these students
build marketing strategies as
well as generate funds for their projects.

Ayesha Thatte


• A grade-11 students from Step by
Step World School fundraised for

• She developed an art and music
based therapy program, which
has helped healing at-risk
adolecent girls at Protsahan.

Rian Narvekar


* Rian is a 10-year-old who was
selected to go to a Football
Training camp in FCB Escola

• He started by baking cookies, and
eventually fundraised to go for
the training, which helped him
pursue his passion.

The Big Picture Project offers high-impact, extracurricular projects to students of grade 9 through grade 12.


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