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College & Beyond, with partner, Branta LLC offers several programs with universities, schools, students & educators, across the globe. Some of these include:

#Intled Project base: This offers local presence to universities seeking to engage with their Indian counterparts as well as high schools for international student recruitment outreach.

In response to this tender, we are inviting Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin to come on board the #Intled Project Base which provides for an open, flexible basis upon which services can be provided to Trinity.

#Intled Project Base: Office and Support Services

With all infrastructural support in place, College & Beyond is confident of delivering the required services, specifically the legal, financial and infrastructural resources to support up to (two ) full time staff members acting as advisors and student recruitment officers for Trinity in India, with scope to expand staff resourcing in the future.

This is achieved through our platform, the #Intled Project Base, which includes:

1.     A local presence in India

2.     Physical, fully managed office facilities

3.     Locally recruited, dedicated advisors to advance Trinity’s recruitment            goals in the region.

4.     Comfortable, fully equipped inspiring workplace

5.     Employment, Payroll & Tax management

  1.    Administrative services for business operations
  2.    Administrative educational support
  3.    Promotional services support
  4.    Full compliance with local/national laws & regulations